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What's In The Beef?

It is important to understand what is in the food you are consuming. There are many misleading articles that lead people to believe that beef contains harmful chemicals due to growth promotants or antibiotics. I wanted to share these few summary factsheets to help consumers better understand production practices and the effect they have on meat quality.

There are many benefits to consuming beef, in addition to being delicious, including being high in protein. This protein is the building block for bone, skin, and cartilage repair and synthesis. Beef also contains creatine which is a well-known dietary supplement to enhance exercise performance and assist in muscle growth and development. Beef is extremely rich in minerals and minerals, including iron to assist in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

Even with all these benefits, people who are uneducated on this topic are hesitant to consume beef. They have been misled to believe that the antibiotics used to keep cattle healthy and alive have a negative effect on human health upon consumption of these beef products. However, there are very strict regulations on hormone and antibiotic use and withdrawal times prior to slaughter to ensure there is no residue in meat products being sold for human consumption. There are also intensive inspection protocols at slaughter plants to ensure these regulations and withdrawal dates are being respected. Antibiotics, just like in humans, are used to fight off infection and to promote cattle health. Please see the fact sheets below for more information.


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