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The Aftermath

How about that storm?

That one crazy day has the potential to cause a lot of problems. The strong winds can cause a lot of issues, especially with bred cows. The cattle will often group together and try to get out of the wind. However, the strong winds can cause them to pile up and blow through fences. We had this happen with one of our groups of cows. Then we had to spend a day gathering the cattle to move them back onto the quarter they were supposed to be on and fix fence.

Calving season has begun here at the ranch! With 8 healthy babies on the ground, starting to look like spring out here. We were lucky to not have any babies born on Monday during the storm or Tuesday during the cold wind! One of the scariest things of a big storm during calving season is finding a way to keep babies warm, which is especially hard because we calve everything out on pasture.


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