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"Hot Stuff Coming Through" ~ Matt Mcqueen

Branding season is in full swing! Thank you to everyone for coming out to help out with the small branding we did, only 320ish left to brand... Yay! (insert audible eye roll) Branding needs to occur prior to shipping cattle out to summer pastures in order to vaccinate, brand, implant and CCIA tag all the calves. We also utilize this day to treat any calves that are starting to get sick. With the weather changing like it has been, illness is becoming a problem with our calves. We have to monitor the calves very closely and react quickly to treat for scours, pneumonias, and any other illnesses we encounter.

Grass in the summer grazing pastures was looking pretty scarce a couple weeks ago but with a few showers, everything has really greened up and started to grow finally. The corn is also loving the moisture and the heat. All the fields have been sprayed with chemical and the corn is coming up nicely. Anyone else love watching the corn grow? It's impressive to watch how fast it grows once it comes out of the ground. I will be posting updates as it grows. This picture was from June 15, 2021.


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