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Horse Nutrition Products

Time to switch gears for a few minutes. I have been talking about cattle and ruminant nutrition for the majority of these blog posts. Horse nutrition is important as well and we have the products to keep your horse's health up. We have products for all ages and activity levels.

Mineral Tub

We carry one lick tub that is great for horses and cows! These Cana-Lix tubs are an18% protein, chelated tub that is a great supplement for horses in winter. In simple terms, chelated minerals are in a form that can be absorbed more readily and utilized, instead of excreted in the feces. I am hoping to get a blog on chelated minerals up this week, stay tuned!. Another benefit of the tubs is that they are contained and the snow does not disintegrate them into the soil. There is very little waste from this type of free-choice mineral supplement.

Sun Cured Alfalfa Pellets

We have recently brought in some 20 kg bag so alfalfa pellet. These pellets are an excellent protein and fiber supplement. These pellets provide the high protein alfalfa source without the health risk of calcium:phosphorus imbalance associated with large quantities of fresh alfalfa. This product is very palatable and is a good source for working horses and older horses that have difficulty utilizing long forage properly. These are also a great source on a dry year when forage sources are scarce and less nutrient-dense. Customer reviews on this product have been fantastic!

Beet Pulp

These beet pulp pellets are combined with molasses to decrease the amount of dust and increase palatability. Beet pulp is a relatively inexpensive energy source for athletic horses and lactating horses but can be used for any type of horse. This product is also great for promoting bacterial balance in the hindgut of the horse. Keeping this bacteria balanced when changing diets or moving horses around is key to preventing digestive upsets.

Performance Max

Are you looking for an easy one-step supplement? Well, you found it! This chelated horse feed is packed full of vitamins and minerals while providing the needed energy and protein supplement. This product can be fed in place of grain or oats as a supplement for horses on baled forage in the winter.

Vitamin-Mineral Premix

If you are worried about your horse's health and do not want to spend the money on a large mineral tub. These bags of vitamin-mineral premix are great! They can be mixed into a pail of grain for easy supplementation. This will provide peace of mind that all mineral requirements are being met because it is not being fed free choice like lick tubs.

(P.S. sorry for the awful photo, dumb birds)

Aside from the mineral tubs, these products come in 20 - 25 kg bags. Check out the New Rosedale price sheet! Contact us for more information or to try out any of these products.


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